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Die "Sandwich" Suggestions for Die Cut Machines

A Cut Above Dies by Verve work with most leading die cutting machines. Below are cutting suggestions for four leading machines.

Suggested sandwiches listed top to bottom
For all other machines, please consult the manufacturer's suggestions for thin steel dies.

Alignment Tutorial

As of our May 2013 release we have DISCONTINUED the plastic alignment tools. Plastic alignment tools are no longer available, but we've linked a short video tutorial on how to make your own below.

You can easily make your own alignment tool to line up your stamped images using the alignment holes on the die and a piece of scratch paper. Click here for a short video tutorial on how to do this.

For those of you who still have the discontinued plastic tools, here's a photo tutorial on how to use them:

Julee's Sample Step 1
Gather supplies: stamp, paper, ink, die, alignment tool and a pen, pencil or piercing tool. The Sweet Scallop Die is shown here. 1. Stamp your image. {The snowflake tag from Glad Tidings is shown here.}

2. Place the clear alignment tool over the stamped image, making sure the space around the thin etched cutting guide line is even on all sides.

Note: For your convenience, one side of the alignment tool is marked "this side up."

Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
3. Use a pencil, pen, or piercing tool to mark the two placement circles. These are outside of the die-cut, so no worries about needing to erase the marks later. Remove the alignment tool.
4. Place the die, cutting side down, on the stamped image, making sure the two holes on the outside of the die line up with the alignment marks you made in Step 3.

5. Use a little removable tape to secure the die, then run through your die-cut machine. The stamped image will be perfectly centered within the die-cut. Easy-peasy!

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